Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Panic Free Pricing!

Well, as my last blog post stated, I started New Mercies Design a little over a year ago, with the hopes to perhaps make a little money on the side of homeschooling. Admittedly, I haven’t done a LOT, but it’s because I haven’t put a LOT of time into it since there are so many other things to do, and I have to prioritize. :) And that's ok... because I enjoy lettering, and as much as possible, I'd like to keep it that way. So I've got an Etsy shop and an Instagram account and word of mouth, which has gotten my most of my work, even though I'm not super busy with it (and like I said, that's ok for now).

So I want to share something that I just posted on Instagram, with a bunch of info on a new course, and right now I'm here to share it with you because it's fabulous.

Panic Free Pricing! For sale now, with special pricing! Read on...

Like I said, I have gotten to do a few things over the past year or so, and they’ve not only been fun, but they’ve been rewarding. I was often unsure what to charge, though! So when @thehappyevercrafter and @indetailcreative put together the Panic-Free Pricing book earlier this year, I took advantage of it immediately.

Now I’m honored to be an affiliate and want to share it with you because it’s helped me immensely. I'm still no expert, but I've got this course to keep learning how to price my items and I'll be able to do better as I build my business! They’ve just revamped it to make it an online course, so there are even more benefits to be had.

  • The pricing charts are easy to reference, and give you a great minimum starting point for quoting your own jobs.
  • It includes a 98-page reference guide, over 2 hours of video content, and access to a private FB group for extra help pricing your own jobs!

I lettered this logo for my daughter's Poshmark shop. I matched the colors to one of her favorite color schemes.
I made this for a friend who put the art on a mug and some cards, and she paid $20. (Should I have charged more?)

  • It is on sale from now until next Monday, the 4th, for $99 CAD (~$75 USD!), so grab it while it's on sale! After the 4th, the price will be $179 CAD (~$135). 
  • Once you’ve paid, it’s yours forever. You can go through it at your own pace, you can skip around, whatever you want! 

I made this for 4th of July, it still hangs in my family room. 

  • The link to purchase is below, and here’s a bonus for you: If you purchase using my link, I’ll letter your first name (or a first name of your choice) and send you a digital copy! After your purchase, simply send me an email (with a note saying hello!) and a copy of your receipt and let me know what name you’d like me to letter. I’ll send a digital file to you after a few days. 

I made this for my husband's parents' 50th anniversary.

  • I’m super excited to be able to share this information with you! Click here to order this fantastic resource for your business. You'll be so glad you did! 
  • If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to comment below or to send me a message through Instagram or to my email, 
I'm no expert on blog posts, so this is basically just a bunch of info with some photos interspersed here and there. But I am telling you, the course itself is totally worth the investment! 

I lettered this and then cut it out in vinyl with my Cricut to put on the window next to my front door. 

I've added some of my work to this post, just to give you an idea of what I do, but you can look at my Instagram accounts too, and see lots of work there. I have a couple accounts - my 'regular' account is @musicnazi, and my lettering/business account is @newmerciesdesign. I'd love to visit with you there!

If you're interested in pricing your items, click here to order! And if you're interested in any lettering work, you're welcome to visit my Etsy shop, message me on Instagram, or email me at (you can also email me with just a click through Instagram; my email is in my bio).

You won't be disappointed. :-)

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Etsy Store (shameless plug - it's my blog, after all.)

Well. It's been something like 3 years or more since I've posted because again, life happened and I've forgotten about this little space.

It's ok, I'm fine with it.

To update anyone who reads this blog, the latest things we are doing around here are still school, music, tv and movie quotes, and nowadays, car repair and maintenance, since I have two teen drivers with cars to care for on a regular basis.

My latest endeavor is hand lettering, and I've even opened an Etsy store to sell my artwork. I fully intend for my girls to do some art as well. Not a bad gig for some pocket (or gas) money, making artwork, taking photos, and posting it to sell. So we'll see what happens there!

I really only hopped on tonight to edit an old post, but just thought I'd include a "hi, I'm still here" post while I was here. So there it is.

Here's a link to our store, and a sample of some of my work... bookmark our shop and check back often to see any new items we post!

Click to view our shop, New Mercies Design

Happy looking, happy shopping.

Friday, July 11, 2014

It's a beautiful day.

The sky is blue, the sun is shining, and there are many things to do. But first...a word from our Sponsor. Actually, our Creator. The verse for the day is this, and I haven't even looked at it yet. It will be a surprise. :-)

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. — Jeremiah 32:17

Well, there it is. Whatever it is that you're going through today, God is bigger. He loves you and gave his Son for you! How amazing is that?!?

That's really it, I just went to look something up here on my blog and was reminded that I haven't posted for over a year. Much has happened, but one day I'll catch you up. In the meantime, remember the truths I told you above. It's not *my* truth, it's God's truth.

Something to think about.