Friday, December 15, 2006


We got our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, in keeping with family tradition. We kept some ornaments off the tree in hope of keeping with a theme this year, and a less gaudy look. I think we succeeded.

Brian lounging with Emma (Rachel took this picture - not bad...)

Rachel singing from Christmas Carol books

Christmas Pictures

Christmas pictures! I can't believe how old my girls look. The baby with them is Alec, my little nephew. (Jason's son, for those of you who know the family...)

Our Friend Chuck

We surprised Rachel and took her and Emma to Chuck E. Cheese on the day of Rachel's birthday. They had a ton of fun and got lots of really neat prizes.

And of course, when we got back home we had to give her presents...

Party # 2

Pictures of Rachel's 2nd Fifth birthday party.
Hee hee! Do you think she had a good time?

And it wouldn't be a party without cake...