Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prodigal Socks

I am convinced (and have been for several years now) that there is a planet in a far-away solar system that consists entirely of unmatched socks.

I know there are several theories of where these socks actually go - maybe a dryer or washer "eats" them, or maybe static cling makes a sock stick to the insides of pants or long sleeved t shirts. Whatever *really* happens to some of them I don't know (except for my above theory), but we occasionally do find one. Sometimes in the strangest place, and sometimes we even find one where it should be - unmatched - in the sock drawer. The poor thing was just a bit misguided. Maybe even a rebel.

Regardless of where they are or how rebellious they might be, I have always had a sock basket sitting on the top of the dryer, stuffed with socks waiting for that poor missing mate. It's dark and stuffy in there, and they just hang out in the dark until one of the mates is found. When that happens, the awaiting socks rejoice, almost like a 'prodigal son' homecoming. "Our dear sock has returned, let us rejoice! Go and kill the fattened dust bunny!"

Even though I know from past experience that the odds of finding a missing sock are heightened exponentially whenever the mate is thrown away, I still keep them because I just know that I'll throw one sock away, then the missing one will show up, then I'll have to throw *that one* away also, which is just a waste of socks. So I hang on to them. and on. and on.

Frankly, I'm tired of the sock basket, so I've come up with another solution. I've created a way for those socks to remain in the light of day, not stuffed in a basket so that we forget who they are. They now hang on a little clothesline on the laundry room wall, for all to see and be reminded that there are, in fact, poor socks that are missing their mates. It's kind of like a "missing persons" wall. Instead of posters and milk cartons, the look-alikes hang on a line and wait for their mate to show up. Eventually, the prodigal socks return. Winter comes, the long-sleeve shirts are worn, and a sock is found. Boots are worn and socks are found. An occasional search of the sock drawer or under a bed, and another missing sock is found. Just today, I used a coat hanger to reach under the dryer, and I found one (The "Thursday" sock shown in the picture below)!! There *was* much rejoicing.

Below is a picture of my "missing sock" wall. I did my "vinyl" thing and hung up a little clothes line for them, complete with some ladybugs here and there. Pretty cute, if I do say so myself. And not to mention fun to use some creative juices that haven't been flowing all that much lately.

Here's hoping that by having these socks out in the open, it will remind the (sometimes rebellious) missing socks that it's ok to "come home" and they will still be loved, even though they were missing.

Here's the location of the Missing Sock wall...
...and a closeup of the sweet little socks awaiting their missing matches.

Come home, prodigal socks...come home.

Book quote

Here's a good quote from a book called "Teach Them Diligently" by Lou Priolo (pg 21).

Christians are not to use what they learn for their own glory and personal benefit, but rather for God's glory and the benefit of others.
I haven't finished this book yet, but am slowly working on it. It's a very good book, and I hope to become a better "shepherd" and "teacher" to my children about how to live for God's glory. After all, the "chief end of man" is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. How can we do that if we do not know His ways?

Lord, give me faith and understanding so that I may pass it on to my children, your gifts to me.