Monday, September 24, 2007

Zoo Trip with Tasha

We took a trip to Tacoma in July. Our main purpose was for Brian to have Lasik eye surgery in Renton, but we stayed with my sister Tasha. We stayed for a visit and took a trip to the zoo. It's a really good zoo. If you're ever in Tacoma, you should go.

These seahorses are somewhere around an inch long (or less):

Sumatran Tiger:

The biggest walrus in this aquarium weighs over 3000 pounds. Wow!smiling with the puffins:
Emma's favorite...snakes!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cannon Beach

We took an actual vacation to Cannon Beach, OR in June with Brian's family. It was fun, a nice break from retaining wall blocks, and the first REAL (more than one day) vacation we have had in years. We had a neat room that faced the ocean, and just across the way from our little porch were the stairs down to the beach. Most of the pictures are mine, but some are from Brian's brother Shaun. Enjoy. Or else.
The long drive there - nap time
The first night's sunset
We didn't make this but I wish we were that creative!

The new skim board - super fun! Can't wait until next year.
Brian's mom and dad...and Haystack rock

I'm giving the board a try...

Look Ma, no feet!
Where'd they go? Emma, Ilse, Rachel, Deitrich
Judy & Gary

Shaun's awesome sunset pictures
Yoga anyone?

Eating Chinese in Seaside
Girls at Cranky Sue's


Well, some of you already know this but I also have a MySpace page - feel free to check it out. The only thing is that you have to have an account because I set my page to private - so only people I add to my "friends" list can see the page. I don't really like the idea of everyone being able to see all my information and pictures and stuff - kind of weirds me out. Anyway, my page has stuff about me/us, lots of pictures, some that are here and some that aren't. It has a blog too, sort of comes with the MySpace thing, so I do some writing there too.
For what it's worth - check it out if you dare!