Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It snowed the other day, and then froze for several days after that.
It was very cold, but created some beautiful scenery.

The neighbor's Corkscrew Willow

A couple snow (& grass) angels

Our little Sycamore

Our Maple and the Willow in the background

And finally another snow angel - this one turned out best

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year

We went next door and had a fondue new year's party with our friends and the kids had a great time - we started with cheese fondue for dinner and ended with chocolate for dessert. As you can see they loved it.

More from Christmas

Rachel, Tasha, and Molly the Aussie

Can we please play more frisbee??

Our very dirty car and new car rack and carrier

Rachel and Emma with Molly

Dad, A.K.A. Grandpa

Cool toys

Before we left Salem, we got a car carrier for the Suzuki so we could get home with all our stuff without having to strategically pack every cubic inch with "stuff" (Brian doesn't call me 'cram' for nothing). So while waiting to make an appointment for getting the rack installed, the girls had fun on the really cool toy in sporting goods. I thought we'd never get them off the thing!

Mike & Summer

We visited with friends over Christmas while down in Salem. Mike was in our wedding almost 12 years ago, and we met up with them to catch up with him and get to know his wife since we haven't seen either of them since their wedding several years ago. It's such a blessing when God gives you friends that you don't ever really need to "catch up" with!



Saturday, January 06, 2007

Merry Christmas

"The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...." except the fireplace is covered by a "settee" so we just used it instead.
My brother-in-law John, and my sister's foot (nice tattoo)

"I love you Daddy"

A letter from Emma for Christmas

It's fun when you surprise your amor with a christmas present, is it not?

My sister Tasha (with Tanya's legs...)

One of the only pictures of me taken by Rachel...goofy smile and all (I'm always the photographer...darn...).

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at the Parker "ranch"

Christmas Vacation

These were taken at my Mom's birthday party, on the 23rd at my sister Tanya's house. We drove down to Salem that day and got there for dinner and pie.

Yes, I actually did wrap the pie - the best way to transport it was in the pie plate box, and since the pie plate was her gift, why not make her dessert in it? The most fun was figuring out how to transport it down there in the trunk (it was packed so tightly back there that we really had no problem). Wrapping the box turned out to be fun too. But the best part was eating it...yum.