Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's just an expression

The little neighbor girl next door just rang the doorbell (she'll be 7 on Friday). Rachel opened the door and this conversation ensued:

Cailynn: Guess what? (I can only guess she is pointing to an empty spot in her mouth)
Rachel: You lost it?
Cailynn: No, it came out this morning. It's on my nightstand.
Rachel: Emma! Cailynn lost her tooth!

I love the English language.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Overheard in the girls' bathroom

Emma was just taking a shower upstairs and Rachel often hangs out in there and talks to her while she showers. It's a sister thing.

Brian and I walked up the stairs and stopped when we got to the top, and heard the following - Emma telling Rachel about a girl at school. We were laughing so hard we didn't catch the rest of the conversation. I love to hear the things they talk about when they don't know who is listening in.

Here's what we heard:

"(Name of girl at school) says she's a Christian, but she says "Oh my God". Not that saying "Oh my God" makes you *not* a Christian, but still, it isn't good."

Be careful, little lips, what you say...

Sayings around the house

Lately I've been a little bit "vinyl happy". I've put sayings all over the house.  I put a couple up last year after we moved in to make the house feel a bit more like home, but over the past couple weeks I've gotten the Cricut out and cut more words to put up in more places around the house. If you stand still too long, I might label *you*. :-)

Here are some pictures of what I've done recently. It's not really anything that elaborate, but it's fun to decorate a little. I still have painting to do, and so I'll most likely have to re-do these vinyl sayings after the paint goes up, but it's ok.

To start, here are the ones I put up after moving in last year, in the entryway and on the fireplace.

I've always wanted to put this verse above my front door.

I actually started the latest "binge" of cutting vinyl when I decided to put these verses above the girls' beds. They love the reminder that God is always with them, especially at night when bad dreams come to call.

Rachel's room:
She chose the flourish, and put the little butterfly up herself.

And Emma's room:
She chose her flourishes too, but instead of making them pink like she asked (she has decorated her room in lots of pink and green), I did them in green like the words. Silly me.
Good thing she's an easy going gal. :)

I also made a cute little thing in their bathroom:

And here's my Laundry room. I love this one. Very true for me. I might have to make one for beside the hamper that says something to the effect of "you leave it inside-out, you get it back inside-out". :)

My latest creation is in red vinyl. I did the lettering and also cut a bunch of flourishes along with it, using up all the blank spaces of the square-ish piece of vinyl. So I have put a couple flourishes up in extra places. This is my craft desk area in our living room that doubles as a craft and music area.

And this last one is of little flourishes I put up around a picture in the little powder room in the entry. I had to take a picture from the side so the reflection of the light wouldn't show up.

It's been fun to decorate the house up. I have friends who want me to make sayings for them too - so I'm happy to oblige. It's a great use of my Cricut. I use it for scrapbook layouts and cards too, which I will have to start posting pictures of to share as well.

Family members be warned: if you sit around too long you might be next.