Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Great Wall of Pasco what we have dubbed our new retaining wall. We decided that this summers Gargantuan House Project was to build a wall to cover up the one that was there. Eventually it would need to be replaced since it is made of railroad ties...11 year old railroad ties. After looking at that wall for 11 years now (and we have never liked looking at it), we decided to get'er done and cover it up! We will need to stain the fence now, since the rest of the yard looks so good, but that can come later.

We changed some things in the yard (took out the pool and are replanting grass in the "crop circle", moved the swingset) and it looks so much bigger. I love to hang out in my back yard now! Plus we can sit on the back patio in the evenings and build a fire in our fire pit that doubles as a patio table. Yay!

So the pictures start out showing you the 7 pallets of blocks, and my photo-timeline of the wall's creation. As you can see we had help, and Brian did most of the work since he was laid off and I was working mornings. I helped though. :)

We planted some vegetables on top of the wall - there is about a foot or so of dirt behind the wall. Next year the girls plan on having a huge garden on the wall. For now, we have cucumbers, peas, bell peppers, and carrots.

If you haven't seen The Wall in person, pictures just don't do it justice.
Enjoy this account of the creation of The Great Wall of Pasco.

The Blocks (and the neighbors' kitchen window):

One Helper:

The Counter (28, 29, 30...):

And now, for the panoramic views of the yard...

This would be the first row...

...getting ready for row two...

...and now the second row...

...the third...covered for backfilling...

...and the fourth...

...the fifth...

...the fifth row in progress - almost done...

...and finally, the last row. VICTORY!

Here's that last row again in more daylight...

"Hi (I'm never building a retaining wall again...)!"

Here's the entire yard with it's new "facelift".

Let's not forget our awesome fire pit table that we love to sit around in the evenings:

And it doubles as a great table on which I can display my pretty Gerber Daisies.
Life's simple pleasures.


  1. The wall looks AWESOME!!! What a great job you all did! And you know what? Daisies are my flowers for my wedding! :)

  2. The Great Wall of Pasco!! Man, I had no idea I was visiting such a famous landmark! I was thinking I should've taken photos, but you already did!

  3. Your "great wall" looks awesome! I didn't know you blogged either! Fun! I'll have to visit more often.
    Talk to you later my friend.