Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back to Work...

This is my first week of "work" in 7 years. Thankfully, I'm working part time, and it's a job I already know the basics of, since it's the job I left when I had my first daugter - almost 7 years ago. Two weeks from Thursday, to be exact.

So since my dear husband is most likely going to lose his job anytime (it's been "anytime" for two months now, but we still think it could happen this week or next), we took up my boss on his offer for a job. It's a Divine Plan, actually. God knew we would need this little bit of extra income, so here we are.

Which brings me to this bit of rambling about how much I don't get done during the day because I'm gone! I admit, I have gotten a few things done, and actually even did dishes before I left for work this morning. So that's nice. BUT I think it will take a week or two of getting used to this new schedule. So with that I MUST sign off for today. I hope to make this blog a sort of Journal of many things, many of which will come at a later date. I will likely work backwards for a bit, so I may post items that have happened over the past year to bring us where we are today. It's a very interesting story.

So stay tuned.

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