Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Baby Book Dilemma

OK. Another day. I mentioned journaling yesterday - I've been told that this is a surefire way to remember those memorable moments that one seems to forget once the moment is gone. I have found this to be true as well in my own experience.

Take the baby books, for example. I STILL, after 7 years, haven't finished Emma's baby book, and she's most assuredly not a baby anymore. Although sometimes she may sound like one, that's a whole other story. Even her little sister, though closer, is still NOT a baby. I am pretty sure that once you graduate from diapers and baby food and start reading, you're no longer considered a baby. At least it seems like that should be the rule.

So I come to the point about the Baby Book. It's still got pieces of paper stuffed in the pages where I jotted down a milestone quickly between loads of laundry and sinks full of dishes and an occasional trip to the doctor. Where, I might add, I received little printouts of the growth of my child and the height and weight - every detail - which I proceeded to also fold in half and put between the pages of The Book. Added to that are locks of hair from haircuts, lists of things to write down in The Book, and in Rachel's book, almost everything is stuffed in because I've hardly started hers and she's 4 and a half. But at least I do actually have those stuffed away beween those pages - I just need to get them organized a bit.

Too sad. But honestly. How often do we LOOK at those baby books anyway? To see when they lost 'x' tooth or when they went to the doctor when they were 19 months old? [sidebar: aren't you glad we stop counting their ages in months after about 2 years? Sheesh.]

So my point is, what is it with baby books anyway? I have mine, and my husband's. We keep these things and for what?

Oh yeah. Memories.

Which brings me to my original point: that journaling really is a good idea. So I guess I better finish those Baby Books so I can pass them along...and I better get with the journal thing here soon before I forget why I started it.

Good idea. I'll work on that.

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