Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stating The Obvious

I realized something during the past couple of months. Since I have a new (old) part-time job, and now my husband is out of work – the layoff has finally arrived - life has changed. God has blessed us with enough in savings to live off of unemployment for a while and even take on the Gargantuan House Projects. House painting, a retaining wall, and possibly even an addition to the kitchen. God is good. Life is good.

Now back to my Realization. I’ve been told before that I’m a master of stating the obvious…are you ready?
Here it is: The stuff I usually do at home just doesn’t get done when I’m not here. Hmm…yep. Hard to imagine, but nevertheless, true.

Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression. My husband does some “safe” laundry (his clothes and towels, he says he doesn’t dare try mine and the kids’ until he gets better instructions from me on my “technique”). He also does some dishes, and even picks up after the kids sometimes too. And I’m even fine without those extra little perks. I don’t mind doing those things. It’s just that I realized how much stuff I do when I’m not working (somewhere else) – and how much I don’t do when I am working (somewhere else). My job as a housewife (yeah, I know. I’m not politically with it...) has always and will always be WORK. I like being a housewife. I don’t always like dishes and laundry (the two jobs as sure as death and taxes), but I do realize that they will never end and as a result I just do them when they’re needed. But to be able to be home with my girls and do the things that I do here – that’s priceless. It’s a job that’s tedious and trying at times but worth it when my husband comes home to a nice, sparkling clean house and says “the house looks really nice, honey.” That’s satisfaction of a job well done.

Well, now that I’m working again, part-time though it may be, I have realized just how much I really do around here! So I sit here typing out some thoughts about why I feel discouraged to come home and re-do the things I did last night (and the night before). But the weekend is coming. A Long Weekend. Relief is in sight. Calgon, take me away!

So after that banter I realize that I need to go put the kids to bed, and help my hubby pick up all the tools he’s got outside getting ready to paint our house. Since he’s not “working” right now, he’s tackling the Gargantuan House Projects while the girls have a great time doing what they do best. So that I can come home and pick up after them. Again. Things will change again after the Union calls with another job. But until then, I guess at least someone has a job around here. (hee hee...I love you're doing a great job.)

Another day, another load of laundry.

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