Monday, August 28, 2006

Keeping Up

Wow, it's been a while. Guess that's what I get for thinking that I wanted to "keep up" with something "everyday", much less anything else. It seems like I can barely keep up here at home, for example: everything seems to come down to laundry and dishes. Now it is necessary to do the laundry, or my family will have to walk around in burlap bags. Although I can honestly say I haven't seen a burlap bag for several years, so I'm not sure if we would find one. Not to mention four.
Also necessary are dishes. If I don't do the dishes, we'd have nothing to eat on, drink from, or cook in. Not to mention how piled up my sink and counters would be from the piles of dishes. And anyone who knows me knows that I can't handle a messy counter or sink for longer than about a day and a half at most.
So since I decided that it would be "fun" to write in a blog and keep a journal of sorts, wouldn't you know it, I seem to be doing dishes and laundry instead. I finally get a chance to sit down and type some sort of post on my site, and something takes my attention away from the thought of writing. I love to write, too. It's not for lack of desire to write, it's for lack of time, or better said, lack of management of time.

So today I got a letter from one of my friends. So I decided to return a letter to her. She lives far away now, and so I updated her on life in general at the moment. I'm in writing mode. Why not keep going! Besides, I really need to go to bed, and since I usually stay up later than I should, I might as well be doing something worthwhile.

I saw another blog earlier tonight, and they posted lots of pictures. Maybe I'll post some pictures on my site here, so some of our friends that aren't in our neck of the woods can see the fruits of our labor here on the homefront. I mentioned my husband taking on the Gargantuan House Projects, so I'll put on a picture of our "new" house. Newly painted, that is. That should be fun to see. If you're "into" that kind of fun.

Not that you can really tell any difference, especially if you never saw our house before (Another Profound Statement by Yours Truly...). But I still say that it looks very nice. Especially my red front door (my favorite part), that you can't see from this picture anyway. But regardless of how much you can see, I still say that my husband did a spectacular job on our house. Everyone I see, I tell them they need to drive by and take a peek.

At my last yard sale I loved the comments about how nice our house looked. I didn't especially enjoy all the questions (at least fifteen) about if my well was for sale. I almost told someone that it was for sale - for six hundred dollars. If they had bought that, I could buy my father-in-law materials to make me another one (he made this one for us). He could go into business if he could sell them for that price.

So, here I am again, with plenty of words, but not enough time. So I guess I better take off again, not saying as much as I wanted to, but hoping that I will have time to write more before two months have passed and I forget that I wanted to keep up. I guess I'll have to settle for "enough for now".

Hope you enjoy the picture of my blue house, my well, and my sycamore tree. More pictures to come later.

And, the well is not for sale.

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