Friday, September 29, 2006

Getting the Message

It all started with an instant message.

Brian sent me a message at work a couple weeks ago, telling me that the principal at the girls' school had called him. Apparently there was an overload of kids, and since Rachel was one of the last to be registered, she needed to go to a different school so they could even out the enrollment over the schools in the district. We registered her later than we normally would have because the early Kinder testing was in Mid-August, and we registered as soon as they let us know we could.

So she switched to a different school. She still rode the bus with Emma to her old school, and then transferred to another bus that took her to her new school. I kept wondering why this was happening, and there were many other little "issues" with the situation, but realized that it was going to be OK. Rachel got settled into a routine of going to a different school, and had a good time in her new class. She's pretty easy-going, so it wasn't too much of a drama.

Yesterday (2-1/2 weeks later) I got another call from the principal, telling me that a spot opened up in her old class. Since I had requested that they let me know if that happened, we needed to decide if we wanted to move Rachel back to her original class at Emma's school. After some thought, we decided it would be nice for her not to be on the bus so much and to be able to be at school with Emma - fun for them and more convenient for us - we asked her what she thought about going back to her old class. She though it was a great idea, so Monday she will start back at her old class again.

Quite a lot to go through for an almost-5-year-old in Kindergarten. Wow! She doesn't bat an eye at any of it, which is a blessing. I was kind of wondering what it was that we were supposed to learn through this little scenario. I'm still not completely sure, but I think this Message (not an instant one, mind you) had to do with giving up control of things and just trusting God to do His job -- take care of the way He always does...the best way.

Hopefully next time I'll remember that.

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