Monday, May 19, 2008

Slinky the Birthday Snake

Emma got the "ultimate" birthday least for her. Check it out...

Don't open your eyes....

"Daddy, what is it?" (seriously, she asked...)
Daddy, this is the best present ever!
Nice snake. (Although I'm not sure everyone else agreed...)

Time for Em to hold him (her?)...

Showing Slinky off to everyone!
We put the terrarium in her room...
Slinky seems to like it...
I love this picture, I got the tongue!
Slinky's about 1.5 feet long or so - probably pushing 2. He (she? we just call him 'he') is a Ball Python...they can grow to 4-5 feet, over a lifetime of 20-30 years.
Emma's new lava lamp in the background - she says he likes it.

So if any of you want to come over and see our new "family member", feel free! We have had several visitors already to see him!

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