Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Shiny House

As promised (read below to see the earlier posts where I promised pictures...) here are pictures of my bright shiny sparkling spotless house. We have cleaned, de-cluttered (we have a bunch of our things in storage, we knew we needed more space, but wow...), painted almost every room, and now our house is ready to sell. I took a bunch of pictures today, partly for my ad and partly to show my mom and sisters, who probably won't be able to visit to actually SEE this wonder. I'm praying that this house will sell quick enough that they won't have the chance, even though I want them to see how awesome it looks. We really had accumulated a bunch of stuff over the years. I had many useful "creative storage solutions" but it really all boiled down to clutter! So we cleared out stuff and are ready to show someone how awesome this house actually can be. I'm adding the picture of the front of the house, and also of "The Great Wall of Pasco", since it looks so good! I will miss my wall.
I "panoramanized" (that's my own made-up word) a bunch of pictures so you can get a view of the whole thing. Most of them turned out really good. You can tell that some parts are a bit stretched out, but you get the idea here.
So Mom, Tan, and Tash, I want to hear how you like my pictures and our rooms!!
And if anyone else has any words, let me hear them! By the way, if you know of anyone who wants to buy a house, please let them know that this little number is for sale!!
(Click here to see my ad on Craigslist)

Our cute little house:

The Great Wall of Pasco:

My Awesome Kitchen:

The Living Room, from several angles:

Emma's room:

and her reading corner:
Rachel's room:

And her reading corner:

Our room:

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