Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rest In Peace Slinky

We experienced a death in the family. Our little Slinky. Best we can figure, he must have been sick or something. We took him out to feed him (and of course when I say "we" I mean "ME"), and - well - let's just say he didn't make it. I actually picked up a dead snake. Who would do that voluntarily? It was sad, but on Saturday after going to tell the builders to start our house, we went to our new backyard and had a little burial ceremony.

Emma has handled it pretty well. Of course the death of Slinky only means that Slinky No. Two will not be far behind. She is even looking at the bigger versions of the same species...and wants to get one that's significantly larger and eats live rats instead of dead pinky mice. Well, we'll see about that, but we decided not to get another snake until after we move into our new house in February or so. This will save poor Gramy from having a snake in her house. It actually will work out better, one less thing to move. And more time to look for a replacement snake, I guess. :)

Emma is quite the artist, as many of you know. The following two drawings have been on my refrigerator for the past couple of days and I must post them. The cage picture shows exactly what was in there, from the little log he hid under to the water dish (water included) with the little ramp that went down into it. He used to climb the tree thingy and then slither up onto the temperature and humidity dials. Funny.



  1. I particularly enjoy the play-by-play on the headstone in the drawing. RIP Slinky!

  2. LOL!!!!! My mom picked him up and he was floppy!!!!!!!! Oh my. It will take me awhile to stop laughing from that ;)