Friday, October 15, 2010

Music Class

"That's a big niece."

What a 2nd grade boy said about Emma when she got up to take a turn in the game in Tasha's music class.

This weekend we are visiting my sister Tasha in Portland.
Today we went to school with her and are sitting in on all her music classes. It's fun to see her teach, and the girls have gotten to play some games with the kids too. They have played several different games now with several different age groups.

The 2nd grade class was especially cute today. They sat in a circle, and had some instruments in the middle of the circle. All but one student would close their eyes, while one student in the center played an instrument, then sat back in their place in the circle. The other students would then try to guess what instrument was played. A great game to develop listening skills!

When it was Emma's turn to play an instrument, she got up off the floor to the center of the circle. That's when the boy said she was a big niece. Tasha went on to explain that she was a 6th grader, so it was normal for her to be that much bigger than he was. Of course Tasha and I exchanged glances and smiles, and I proceeded to write it down - because you just have to write these things down!

Fun times.

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