Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whitman Mission Field Trip

I went on a field trip with Rachel on Tuesday. We had a fantastic time. I was reminded of what it's like to ride a school bus - something I hadn't done in several years. We had the most beautiful weather - you'll see below some of the amazing views we got to see throughout the day. AMAZING!!

I will just post some pictures - not an awful lot of explanation is necessary, although I may add in some tidbits here and there. As it turns out, there are quite a few pictures, so I hope it doesn't take forever to load the page. Sorry. But there are so many good ones!!

This is on the way there:

And now the walking tour begins:


 A portion of the real Oregon Trail:
 And the covered wagon replica:

 Next we took a break and ate our lunches.
Then we all went inside and watched a film about the Whitmans and their story:
 On to the Museum:

 And now we're finished and about to get back on the bus...

 ...but first, a group picture!

 Now back to the bus...
 And these were taken on the way home.

God gave us such a beautiful day for this field trip.

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